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Point of Care Communication Council Establishes Industry Standards for Claims Auditing Through Verification and Validation Standards Committee

NEW YORK ‒ August 11, 2017 – The Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) today announced its progress toward proactively establishing guidelines for reach verification and standardization of performance metrics. This commitment to enhanced accountability and transparency follows several years of rapid innovation and industry growth and point-of-care (POC) media becoming a mainstream channel for pharmaceutical and healthcare advertisers.

In order for the POC industry to continue to grow, PoC3 maintains that it is essential that pharmaceutical and health/wellness marketers can utilize an increasingly broad range of POC tactics with full confidence. PoC3 intends to provide this assurance to marketers through both verified auditing and increased transparency of measurement and performance standards.

In November 2016, PoC3 assembled representatives from across the industry to create a Verification and Validation Standards Committee and respective working subcommittees including audit, ethics, and measurement. The committee also sought the input of non-member industry advisors from pharmaceutical companies, agencies, and consulting firms with deep POC experience and knowledge. Together, these internal and external team members are collectively developing: 1) updated ethical guidelines for all POC member companies; 2) FAQs for buyers of POC media; and 3) auditing standards that will be approved and adopted by the industry. Specific to auditing, the subcommittee is establishing baseline verification and performance metrics that each PoC3 member company must meet, including:

  • Network definition and validation
  • Minimum standard metrics for performance
  • Completion of audit by approved third-party auditing firms based on established criteria
  • Compliance with updated ethics guidelines and annual ethics compliance certification

I applaud PoC3 in this announcement and their latest effort to continue to provide increased efficiency and standardization within the point-of-care space,” said Wendy Blackburn, executive vice president of Intouch Solutions. “We believe in the value of point-of-care communications, and look forward to seeing how this initiative will benefit all players in the space.”

For all PoC3 member companies (list available on website) and companies seeking to join the PoC3, the Verification and Validation Standards Committee’s work reflects a unified industry commitment to program performance and accountability. For marketers and agencies, these new requirements will provide greater confidence that they are receiving the deliverables that have been promised by suppliers and that the programs in which they are participating are meeting minimum performance standards.

“The increased confidence agencies and marketers will have as a result of these new standards will inevitably lead to accelerated growth in the industry,” said Eva Sala, director of Target:Health.

The standards determined by the committee were largely driven by best practices as well as feedback from marketers, agencies, and industry experts.

PoC3 will be convening a group of representatives from all industry sectors on September 13 in New York to further discuss and hear from experts on this topic. For more information about the event or to reserve a seat, please contact PoC3 Executive Director Christine Franklin at Christine@poc3.org.


About PoC3
PoC3, The Point of Care Communication Council, represents healthcare media and information service companies at the Point of Care, including physician office, hospital and pharmacy venues. Its mission is to advocate for the effective use of the Point of Care (“POC”) channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes. www.poc3.org


Contact:   Christine Franklin

Executive Director, PoC3