May 2018

Keep Point of Care in Front of Your Upfronts – DTC Perspectives

PatientPoint had the honor of sponsoring the Top 25 DTC Marketers and Hall of Fameawards at last month’s DTC National. During Hall of Fame inductee Christine Sakdalan’s passionate acceptance speech, one of her quotes really stood out, as it touched on some very relevant topics within our industry. She said: “More than ever, we have the great privilege and responsibility in healthcare to positively impact people’s lives. To make a meaningful difference in patient outcomes, we must purposefully lead with compassion and empathy, engage in relevant dialogue and foster partnership across the healthcare ecosystem.” READ MORE

April 2018

POC3 PULSE – An Interview with Grace Cordovano 

A healthcare navigating solutionist, Grace Cordovano, PhD is a private cancer patient advocate who is passionate about continuously improving overall patient experiences and care within the health care industry. Read More…



Point of Care Credibility is Essential for Patient Health – DTC Perspectives

Point-of-Care media must take responsibility for its trust and accountability because patient health depends on it. According to the CDC, American patients visited the doctor nearly 1 billion times in 2017 – over three trips per person. In many of those doctors’ offices across the United States, patients found educational materials to aid them in their heath care journey.  In fact, Point-of-Care media reaches not only physicians’ offices and clinics but pharmacies and retailers, offering patients and their families valuable information at salient moments of diagnosis and treatment. READ MORE


February 2018

POC3 PULSE – An Interview with Heartbeat’s Nadine Leonard
Nadine Leonard is the Managing Director at Heartbeat, a leading independent digital agency.  Nadine is a champion of the point of care channel, and we had the opportunity to chat with her to learn more about her perspective. We are happy to share that discussion with you… Read More


January 2018

Back to the Future: Print media thrives in point of care – MM&M

For all the bullish assessments of the point-of-care space written since news of multimillion-dollar investments in Outcome Health and PatientPoint became public — and there have been many — little attention has been paid to traditional media and its place in the POC pecking order. Rather, brand marketers and their media minions have focused on screens, beacons, and any number of other next-gen digital tchotchkes. This is why recent POC-centric moves made by giants of the print world have taken the industry by surprise. In an effort to increase its presence in the health-and-wellness space, Hearst acquired Rodale’s global content business, which includes waiting-room mainstays such as Prevention, Women’s Health, and Men’s Health. Condé Nast launched Condé Nast Pharma in April, promising to meld behavioral and HIPAA-compliant medical data analysis with health and wellness content from the network’s portfolio, which includes Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. And in July, Time Inc. launched Time Health, a magazine specifically created for the POC environment. So far, each issue has come in at 32 pages, with eight pages of ad space. READ MORE

DTC Point of Care Marketing: The Challenges & Opportunities – PM360

Eleven PM360 2017 Brand Champion Award Winners gathered together before the Trailblazers Awards Gala last September for a deep dive into the importance of point of care (POC) marketing today as the industry shifts yet again under a new Administration. These thought leaders discussed the myriad methods and connections that can be brought to bear when POC is used as a tactical and strategical tool within holistic marketing initiatives—and how marketers can make the best use of POC opportunities. READ MORE

Three Key Questions about Point of Care – PM360

PM360 asked experts in point of care to address key issues marketers should know about the space in 2018:

  1. How important will point of care (POC) channels be for marketers in 2018? Where will they find the most value
  2. What new developments/innovations in the point of care channel can marketers expect in 2018 that could be game-changing?
  3. What are the biggest challenges facing marketers in the point of care space in 2018, and how can they overcome them?


The New Frontier of Point of Care Marketing – PM360

Point of care (POC) advertising spend is on the rise. According to ZS’ 2017 analysis on POC, marketers were projected to spend $557 million on POC in 2017. And ZS expects a compound annual growth rate of 15% through 2020, when they are projecting POC spend to reach $847 million. READ MORE…

Looking for Targeted and Efficient Brand Engagement? – PM360

While the Point of Care (POC) channel for patient education and brand advertising was established many years ago, it has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. Brand marketers and healthcare providers have embraced it, benefiting from delivering the right message, to the right patient, at the right time. In the current environment, every marketing dollar counts, media fragmentation continues, and the desire to be hyper-targeted exists more than ever. POC strategy and tactics represent a carved-out slice in many brands’ marketing plans. However, there are still substantial opportunities for brands to share in the growth and evolution of POC. READ MORE…

November 2017

POC3 has advanced rigorous industry standards of ethics and expects all members to abide by those Ethical Guidelines. We support the recent decision by Outcome Health to withdraw from the Council and accept their resignation. Going forward, we will accelerate our efforts to create verification and audit standards that rival or exceed those of other mainstream media channels. The draft of these standards is currently being reviewed by client and agency advisors serving on the Verification and Validation Standards committee.  The final draft will be released for comment to all POC stakeholders in due course.

In closing, we believe the industry can accomplish much more through collaboration and partnership.  We stand strong by our commitment to showing the value of point of care marketing. POC3 will continue to work closely with our client and agency partners for the betterment of the point of care industry.


October 2017

PoC3 is aware of the recent Wall Street Journal article. We take the concerns raised about Outcome Health very seriously. In order to remain a member in good standing, all PoC3 Members agree to adhere to the association’s ethics guidelines which are posted on our website. We are currently evaluating what this article means in relation to our ethical guidelines and membership requirements. PoC3 firmly believes in the value of patient education at the point of care and our members are committed to following ethical and transparent industry practices.  We continue to lead the effort to define industry standards for point of care and recently announced progress (click here for the full release).  We are committed to supporting the rapid growth of point of care and will have industry Verification and Validation standards drafted for comment by industry stakeholders by the end of the month.

October 2017

Between 10% to 20% of pharmaceutical brands are shifting their spending away from digital media to digital point-of-care hosted by doctor’s offices or hospitals, according to a new analysis conducted by ZS Associates.  ZS surveyed brand marketers, point-of-care companies, media buyers, and other industry experts, who reported that this trend toward point-of-care has been taking place over the last two years. Read More

August 2017

POC3 OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Point of Care Communication Council Establishes Industry Standards for Claims Auditing Through Verification and Validation Standards Committee
Read full release here

Six industry professionals gathered recently to discuss the benefits of Point of Care, DTC, and the mix of tactics and strategies that are most effective in reaching and engaging patients, HCPs, NPs, PAs, and others in the business of improving patient lives and outcomes.
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May 2017

Marketers have long touted the the potential of point-of-care touchpoints. Recent research from Kantar Media and PoC3 suggest they may be on to something.
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February 2017

Several of PM360’s 2016 Brand Champion Award Winners gathered before the Trailblazers Awards Gala last year to discuss the many ways that point of care marketing is used to educate and engage patients, HCPs, NPs, PAs, and others to improve brand success and patient outcomes. PM360’s Success Coach columnist, Bud Bilanich, moderated the event.
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