All PoC3 member companies have committed to comply with the association’s ethical guidelines. 

The Point of Care Communication Council (“POC3”) represents healthcare media and information service companies at the Point of Care (“POC”) including the physician office, hospital, and pharmacy venues. PoC3’s primary objective is to advocate for the effective use of the POC channel to advance health and healthcare outcomes. In support of the following objectives, PoC3 member companies have pledged their commitment to the following ethical principles:

PoC3 Members Ethical Guiding Principles

  1. Patient Focus means member companies operate under the goal of benefiting patients/consumers through awareness, education, motivation, and compliance.
  2. Integrity means member companies will always deal ethically, honestly, and respectfully in everything we do.
  3. Honesty means member companies will be forthright in dealings with customers and stakeholders, operate within the relevant laws and regulations, and offer products of value consistent with what we claim in our communications.
  4. Transparency means members will be open about our actions while respecting commercial sensitivities and intellectual property rights.
  5. Accountability means member companies are responsible for our actions and interactions, and overseen by the Point of Care Communication Council Ethics Committee.

Click here to read full text: OFFICIAL POINT OF CARE COMMUNICATION COUNCIL ETHICAL GUIDELINES FOR ALL MEMBERS.  For additional questions, please contact PoC3 Executive Director, Christine Franklin.